Lecturer, Deputy Head

MA, BeD, Dip Ed.

James has worked at Chancellor College since 2012 when he joined as a lecturer in Language and Communication Skills. He is the current Deputy Head of the Department and BACCS Programme coordinator. He has also been teaching in the English Department as a part time lecturer since 2013. In this Department, he teaches Usage of English and Composition, Practical English Usage and Expression; and Description of English.

James has a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics degree from Chancellor College, a Bachelor of Education degree from the same College and a diploma in Education from Domasi College of Education. Prior to joining Chancellor College, he worked in various government secondary schools as a language teacher where he taught English. While there, he held various positions which included head teacher, deputy head, head of department, school librarian, boarding master, trainer of trainers in the teaching of English; and a career advisor.

After obtaining his MA in 2010, James joined The University of Livingstonia, where he taught English Grammar and Usage, Linguistics and Language for Communication. While at this University, he held the following responsibilities: Head of Department, Dean of Studies, committee member of the University’s senate and Acting Principal of College of Education (Laws Carpus).

In 2012, James briefly taught at DMI – St John the Baptist University, where he offered Business Communication and Fundamental English courses.

In the same year James was requested by Mzuzu University to offer his services as an adjunct lecturer in the Languages and Literature Department, where he taught linguistics. Besides, he was also requested to formulate course outlines for two new courses called Language Development and Documentation and Chichewa Language in the Media. The senate of Mzuzu University has since accepted to offer these two courses to students in the Department of Language and Literature.

His research interests are in the area of literacy practices in higher education. Currently he is working on a paper entitled “Decline in English Spoken and Written by University Students.”

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